August 27, 2023

$11 mil. awarded to support projects in rural Maine


AJ Douglas

August 23, 2023 Updated Aug 23, 2023

Fox Bangor


ORONO — The Northern Border Regional Commission celebrated its Catalyst Awards by announcing $11 mil. in grant funding to 16 developmental projects in rural Maine.

“This year we will use these 16 grants to ensure that Maine people will live in healthy communities with safe roads, clean drinking water and accessible housing,” said governor Janet Mills.

Mills and Senator Susan Collins joined the awards ceremony hosted at the University of Maine campus Wednesday.

The NBRC is a federal agency that works in partnership with the federal government to identify resources that support local economic development.

Speakers talked about how the funds will impact rural areas seeking economic relief.

“In terms of former mill towns like Millinocket and East Millinocket. Those communities are rebuilding their sites for reinvestment and for new businesses to locate there,” said federal co-chair for Northern Border Regional Commission.

“As a part of today’s announcement the town of East Millinocket will receive $750,000to help redevelop their former site where Mike Michel.

 A $1 mil. will be granted to the University of Maine System to create what they refer to as a factory for the future where students will use the latest technology to promote green engineering.

“One of the big advantages of this program is its flexibility. In Oxford County for example we’re talking about expanding trails and providing help for ski areas,” according to senator Susan Collins.

For a complete list of the 16 projects awarded grant funding please click here.